Oregon Bankruptcy


If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Oregon, the first step is to get consumer credit counseling from an approved credit counseling agency. The agency will consult with you and help you determine if you have another way to settle your debts other than bankruptcy. The agency will provide you with a "certificate" showing that you completed the process. This certificate must be filed with the bankruptcy court when you file your bankruptcy petition.

We can help you with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy  (also known as "straight" or liquidation bankruptcy). If you wish to file a Chapter 13 (a pay back plan) you should hire an attorney because it is more difficult to represent yourself in a Chapter 13.

We assist people who have resided in Oregon for at least the past two years, who will be filing Chapter 7, and who make equal to or less than the following annual income guidelines, based on your family size.

Oregon Median Income

1 person....................$64,492.00
2 people....................$78,163.00 
3 people....................$94,432.00 
4 people..................$109,713.00
(add $9,90.00 for each additional family member.)

If your income is more than the above, you may still be able to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, however, your case may be more complex and we will not be able to assist you. We recommend that you consult an attorney if your income exceeds the guidelines.

We charge a flat fee of $200.00 for the preparation of your bankruptcy documents. We do not charge more regardless of the number of creditors you list in your bankruptcy.

If you meet the court's poverty guidelines, you may request a waiver of the court filing fee which is currently $338.00. If you make more than the poverty guidelines, but you are still unable to pay the fee in full, you may request that the court let you pay the fee in four installment payments. It is up to the court to decide whether or not to allow the waiver or installment payments.

How to Get Started 

  • We are required by law to provide you with certain important disclosures prior to accepting your fee or completing your bankruptcy. You must read the disclosures prior to hiring us. They provide you with information about the bankruptcy process.
  • Sign the "Contract for Preparation of Bankruptcy Documents"  and disclosure form the return them to us along with the completed bankruptcy worksheet listed below.
  • Use our new online bankruptcy worksheet to submit your information to us.
  • OR, if you prefer, download the worksheet, complete it and return to us later by email, fax or mail:
  • Bankruptcy Worksheet. Word Version

    Please completely and accurately fill out the worksheet. Do not leave any blank spaces. If a question does not pertain to your situation, put "none".

    The information you give us will be used to complete your official bankruptcy petition for filing in federal Bankruptcy Court. The information must be accurate. Making a false statement on a bankruptcy petition, or omitting or concealing assets can subject you to fine, imprisonment or both.

    If you need legal advice, contact an attorney. Please do not contact us for legal advice. We cannot advise you. Document preparers are allowed to prepare the paperwork only. Many bankruptcy attorneys will offer you a low-cost consultation.

    Provide the requested information, then return the worksheet to us by one of the methods listed below:

    How to return the downloaded bankruptcy worksheet to us

    Via Secure, encrypted Email:

    OR Fax to:  503-212-0701

    OR Mail to: Independent Document Preparation
    P.O. Box 15329
    Portland, OR 97293

    How to Pay Our Fees

    Please include the $200.00 fee when returning your completed worksheet to us. You may send a check or money order by mail, or use the PayPal link below. (A Pay Pal account is not required to use the Pay Pal link). Please use a debit card only when using PayPal to pay for your bankruptcy.


How to Learn More About Bankruptcy

Basic bankruptcy information is available at the bankruptcy court's web site on topics such as filing fee waivers, court hearings required and property you may claim as "exempt". We have links to such information on our resources page.

"We are a debt relief agency. We help people file bankruptcy under the US Bankruptcy Code."