Oregon Divorce


Our Oregon divorce form services are for people who wish to divorce amicably without the emotional pain and expense of a long court battle. Our goal is to make the process as simple for you as possible. We charge a flat fee of $250.00 for the complete preparation of your uncontested divorce documents. Our fee does not increase regardless of whether you have children or property involved.

You may have picked up the packet of dissolution of marriage forms from your county courthouse with the intention of preparing the divorce documents yourself. You may have quickly become overwhelmed when you realized you were required to complete approximately 12 documents in order to complete the divorce process. We take the pressure off by completing all of the required forms for you. All you will need to do then is sign the divorce paperwork and file it with your county courthouse.

Basic Information about the Oregon Divorce Process

You, or your spouse, must have been an Oregon resident for the immediate past six months in order to file for divorce in Oregon. Your divorce can either be set up as "co-petition", where both parties will sign the papers, or as "sole-petition" where one party files and the other party is "served" copies of the documents.

Your divorce can be completed without attending a hearing as long as your divorce is uncontested. We will provide you with the required affidavit to file with the court so that you will not have to appear for a hearing in order to finalize your divorce.

If you have minor children from this marriage the court requires you to attend the court's "parenting classes" when you file for divorce.

There are state guidelines regarding child support. Even if you and your spouse agree to a different amount, the court can order child support consistent with the state child support guidelines. We will be happy to compute the child support amount shown by the state guidelines as part of our service to you. If you would like to see how the state support guidelines work, armed with the following information you can easily have child support computed at the website listed below: Gross monthly income for you and your spouse, the cost of health insurance for the children and the cost of day care for the children: Child Support Guidelines

How to Get Started:

Use our new web forms to complete and submit online

Divorce with no minor children-fill out online

Divorce with minor children-fill out online

Or, download a form, complete and return to us later, Word version:

 1.  Divorce Worksheet with no minor children 

 2.  Divorce Worksheet with minor children 

 3.  Parenting Plan Worksheet 

How to Return the downloaded Divorce Worksheet to Us:

By web: Secure, encrypted Email:

OR Fax to:  503-212-0701
OR Mail to: Independent Document Preparation
P.O. Box 15329
Portland, OR 97293

Paying Our Fees

You may pay our fee of $250.00 by check, or by credit card by using the Pay Pal link below (a Pay Pal account is not required to use the Pay Pal link). When you file your documents with the court, there will also be a filing fee required. The court filing fee is currently $301.00 statewide for all counties. You will pay the court fee directly to the court.

Separation, custody, modification, Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

We can also help you with the following family law documents, so long as the action is uncontested and you and the other party agree:

Legal Separation with minor children

Legal Separation no minor children

Modification of divorce or separation

Custody agreements for unmarried parents

Dissolution of Domestic Partnership (same-sex, registered partners)